SBP 001: Warm-up In The Shower


Throughout my swimming career there have been some times where the weather has gotten really cold. I remember the first time I saw snow at college and I decided to play in it until 3 in the morning. Two hours later I had morning practice. I never made it to that practice.

One of the hardest parts of practice all throughout my swimming career was the buildup of getting into a cold pool. I would stand on the edge for a few minutes (much to my coach’s annoyance), dive in, scream as loud as I could underwater and then sprint a 25. What can I say?

I’m an island boy. I detest cold water. I don’t even like drinking cold water. The only thing I hate more than cold water is being submerged in cold water. Morning practices and warm-up at a meet are the worst! I always asked myself, “Is there another way!” There just had to be another way.

I didn’t find that “way” until I started coaching and stumbled across the work of another coach that asked the same questions I was asking, only he asked it about 60 years earlier. We both wanted to know how to warm-up in the shower.



In this episode you will learn:

  • The benefits of being warm when starting a race
  • How to warm-up in the shower


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SBP 001: Warm-up In The Shower (Transcript)


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