Swimming Expert Shares Truths About Technique That Might Surprise You Pt. 2

proper Breaststroke technique

Swimming technology researchLast week I shared a really interesting conversation that I had with with Dr. Rod Havriluk of Swimming Technology Research. I received good feedback from a few listeners and it really does make me happy when you enjoy the show. I really appreciate it when you take time to respond and give me feedback. Thank you!

If you happened to miss part 1, no worries, here it is: Part 1

In this episode I’m continuing my conversation with Dr. Havriluk and the second part is just as good as the first. As you listen to the research that Dr. Havriluk presents in this episode don’t fall into the trap of just thinking that this is some “cool/shocking research” and then forget about it after this episode ends.

Instead think of ways to use this new information to make your practices better and your times faster.

Conversation Timeline

  • Shocking results about the change of force production during a training season (1:44)
  • The problem of fatigue in learning technique (6:50)
  • The proper attitude of coaches toward new research (8:20)
  • Research isn’t written for coaches (10:30)
  • Encouraging a discussion between scientists and coaches (13:40)
  • Deciding which scientific principles to implement (18:33)
  • Seeing the rewards of his work (23:51)
  • Thoughts on the current state of research in the sport of swimming (26:15)
  • Speculating on the future of competitive swimming (29:05)
  • Thoughts on the elite swimming and changing the definition (30:17)
  • What Dr. Havriluk finds satisfying (and gets a kick out of) (31:35)

Show Notes


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