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“Anybody that is successful talks to a lot of other people that are successful and also other people that are successful in other fields besides the field that they’re in. I think that makes you really successful.” — Doug Fonder

Pro tip: whenever you are considering going to a large conference like ISCA don’t make your decision solely on the cost and the lineup of speakers. Think also about the hidden value like creating friendships and partnerships with other attendees. It will be those friendships and conversations that spark your creativity and outlast your memories of the speakers and their topics.

Before we get to today’s episode watch this video to see what others are saying about the conference:

On the podcast today to give us a clearer idea of the ideas behind the conference and what makes it different from other swimming associations is ISCA director Doug Fonder. I know you’ll enjoy listening to Doug and if you listen to this and still have a few questions, feel free to contact me or head on over to their website. 

Conversation Timeline

  • Reflecting on Doug’s relationship with Vince Lombardi and his coaching style (2:30)
  • Mixing different coaching styles and the art of coaching  (4:33)
  • The ideas behind the formation of ISCA and its emphasis on sports science (6:16)
  • Answering the question: What did Michael Phelps do to become an Olympian? (9:17)
  • Who should attend the ISCA conference(10:57)
  • Getting certified with ISCA (12:41)
  • What new coaches should learn first to get their career rolling (15:14)
  • The crucial importance of continuing education for coaches (16:09)
  • The real value of the ISCA conference (17:34)
  • The dates and location of the conference and the reason behind them (19:57)
  • The cost of the conference and discount prices (21:03)
  • 2016 Lineup of speakers (22:04)
  • The cost of ISCA yearly membership and benefits (23:32)
  • Maintaining an open attitude even in the face of new evidence (24:47)
  • Key ideas and different approaches to successful coaching (26:38)
  • ISCA’s effort to ethically push the sport of swimming forward (32:00)
  • What keeps Doug busy outside of ISCA (33:18)
  • From adoption to Olympic trials (34:17)

Show Notes

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