What Happens When Hollywood Coaching Meets Real Life

coaching with positive self talk

I won’t even bother naming the titles because I’m sure you’ve at least seen one of them. You know, the sports themed movie with the intense coach that puts his athletes through hell to win the championship.


They all end in similar fashion and everyone leaves the theater inspired, but I’d like to raise a question: what happens after the credits stop? What takes place in an athlete’s head right after the championship? What about 20 years later? What happens when that athlete becomes a coach?

The shortsightedness of our approach to building the sport of swimming is betrayed by our lack of satisfactory answers to those questions. We need answers not just for the sake of knowing, but for the well being of the millions of young swimmers and athletes being coached every day.

Join us and let’s raise the bar for coaches all around the world to leave movie-star coaching for the movies…actually scratch that. Why not aim to portray a realistic and healthy example of coaching role models that our kids can follow?

Topic Timeline

  • The side of coaching that hollywood doesn’t show you (4:00)
  • Viewing youth sports as a marathon (7:23)
  • The most effective way to change coaching styles (11:22)
  • 3 powerful communication channels for coaches to influence athletes (17:25)
  • What really matters for coaches at the end of the day (25:15)
  • Do athletes really respond to negative talk? (26:20)
  • The lasting physical damage of verbal abuse (27:35)