Finding Value and Identity Outside of The Pool

finding identity

“Whether you’re bagging groceries in a supermarket or the CEO of a company, you have irreplaceable value.” — Melissa Dayton

melissachipWe’re back with Melissa Dayton to continue our conversation, but this time in a different direction. Today’s focus is on ideas that are more important than a swimming performance. We are sharing ideas about building an identity that’s not hinged on a performance or it’s outcome. Building a group of friends that they can depend on in real life. Building a community of trusted adults that a child can turn to when they have screwed up.

I hope that the last part of this conversation inspires you to not only think, but also to talk about these concepts and begin to share the message that no swimmer can be replaced. I know discussing these ideas can often be uncomfortable, but remember that prevention is the name of the game.

 Conversation Timeline

  • The most important message Melissa has for teens (1:44)
  • Brain chemicals/self-medicating/drugs/nutrition in the role of mental health 4:06)
  • The book that all teenagers should read/finding identity (8:57)
  • The three levels of friendship (11:34)
  • How to reach out for help when you need it (15:42)


Victor Frankl – Man’s Search For Meaning

You Cannot Be Replaced

Favorite Quotes

“A really good friend will not lie for you.”

“You are not broken. We all have pain in life. We all have insecurities”

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