USRPT Conditioning: A Coach’s Intro.



This course begins with the conception of Race-Pace Training in the 1960s and works it way forward to the present model of USRPT being used at pools all around the world today.

We will travel through history to see how key pieces of research came together in various decades to allow Dr. Brent Rushall to develop the revolutionary training method now known as Ultra-Short Race-Pace Training.

You will see multiple USRPT sets written and explained and you will also write your own USRPT set in Section 2 of this course. There are also a few quizzes in this course to give you opportunities to check your knowledge.

Whether you are a coach parent or swimmer, at the end of this course you will definitely be able to write and manage your own Ultra-Short Race-Pace Training workouts on your own


The only requirement for this course an open mind to question what you think you know.

What Will I Learn In This Course?

  • An appreciation for scientific contributions to the sport
  • A working understanding of the science behind USRPT
  • The ability to write USRPT sets for any swimming race
  • A foundation for incorporating future research into practice

Target Audience

Coaches parents and swimmers who are willing to challenge the status quo, be uncomfortable and unite in order to make progress together as a sport.

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  1. Sarah Shaw

    This course is absolutely awesome whether you’re a coach, a swimmer, or a parent. It’s completely backed by science, non-inflamatory, and informative. I’ve really enjoyed working through it!

  2. Susan

    The instructor is terrific-he provides scientifically supported information that allows you to immediately and correctly design USRPT workouts. No wasted time, no wasted info. Extremely well-presented. It is exciting to know what to do and how to do it correctly. This course and Denaj are wonderful.

  3. Mark

    I would of liked to of had a section on the skills and one on techniques that you go through with your USRPT training.

  4. Sean

    I will implement these techniques,i know they are working I just didn’t know how to preform them, Dave Salo uses them however I don’t have him on speed dial…
    Also I swam with Rod Havriluk, he did his hand force analysis on me when he had first developed it. It is interesting…that he is developing into quite the research scientist…good for Rod. We had the argument about lifting weights too…I really don’t know for sure which is right or not. What i do know is that being an ARPwave therapist…is that performance really is only hampered by compensation…Something that will supersede physiology always is neurology…if muscles aren’t turning on i don’t care about what you have done.
    This course was presented beautifully and easily grasped…great job Denaj.
    I recommend this course to all coaches who are interested in setting up a high performance team.

  5. Melania

    A really good comprehensive introduction to USRPT for newbies. Totally recommend it to anyone wanting to find out more and/or try USRPT.

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