Accelerated Learning: The Competitive Advantage of 21st Century Swimming Pt. 2

Olympic swim coach

“It’s really unlikely anymore that, especially in the 400 and down events, that just training hard you’re gonna win a gold medal. I don’t think it’s going to happen. I don’t think it’ll ever happen again. There’s always an anomaly, but I really think that just going and swimming 80 100s, you’re not going to win a gold medal in the 100 freestyle. It’s just not going to happen because you have to be so good technically at so many things.” — Sean Hutchison

Olympic Swim Coach Sean Hutchison

If you don’t have the physics right you’re not gonna have a chance.

Today I’m continuing my conversation with former Olympic swim coach Sean Hutchison and right off the blocks we are diving deep into the role of physics in winning an Olympic medal. Sean puts it succinctly: “If you don’t have the physics right you’re not gonna have a chance.”

This episode is loaded with actionable insights and I encourage to listen, take notes, apply and relisten.


Conversation Timeline

  • Why the athletes who win always get the physics right (6:37)
  • Why hard training won’t get you an Olympic gold medal (9:20)
  • Using sound frequencies to calm the brain for learning (11:23)
  • The amazing science behind visual learning (13:35)
  • How IKKOS helped a pro golfer improve his swing from the couch (19:32)
  • The problem of using “coaching language” to teach young swimmers (24:05)
  •  How to become really good as a coach and set yourself apart (29:46)
  • A strategy for coaching mastery (33:30)
  • Two character traits the elite athletes have that make them successful (35:57)
  • The hard sacrifices on the road to mastery (41:12)


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